When being enforced in August 2016, the digital law regarding the alternative energy sector including the metering operation law has significantly increased the complexity in the energy and utility industry. With this law and the following resolutions of the Federal Network Agency regarding the new market rules (GPKE, WiM, MaBiS, MPES) the strategic and operative demands to the energy market players strongly increased inducing a complete change in metering technology.

Much higher security standards for the measuring, metering and communication systems to be implemented, certification and encoding requirements, complex change processes, time limits to fullfill the legal requirements to Federal Network Agency and the compliance with new information security standards are the most significant challenges to network and meter operators.



  • General strategic decisions to fullfill the law for the rollout in metering operation
  • Scenarios and profitability calculations of different rollout variations to meet legal requirements
  • Decisions for organisational scheme of market rollouts of basically responsible and competitive metering center operators
  • Integration in services for Smart-Meter-Gateway-Administration
  • Design an efficient organisational structure and/or provider control
  • Integration of processes of Gateway-Administration and change-processes in metering systems into existing operating sequences
  • Configuration and adaptation of required infrastructure and IT systems



  • Development and simulation of different rollout scenarios for your defined network area
  • Check strategic models (Outsourcing vs. Insourcing, cooperation models) based on profitability calculations
  • Organisational models of the market rollouts of basically responsible and competitive metering center operators
  • Integration of legally required process sequences in your company, development of process maps
  • Generation of descriptions regarding organisation and centers
  • Definition of functional requirements to IT systems to be implemented, generation tender-complying documents to procure adequate IT systems or providers (SaaS or BPO services), assistance in call for tender und award meetings
  • Assistance in implementation of legal requirements by specific project management inlcuding quality security
  • Implementation of ISMS Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) and Quality Management Systems (DIN ISO 9001)