For a reliable and economical operation of the supply networks for power, gas, water and district heat it is necessary that the major equipment is centrally monitored and telecontrolled by application-specific, powerful control technology.

The demand for alternative energy and the development to automation caused by it has the effect that the network control technology especially in power supply has even higher priority. Simply because the power flow direction in the networks is reversed by the use of decentralized power generation systems in low voltage levels, there are new challenges to network control. It is not only the strongly increasing quantity of  information to be processed but there are also new functional requirements to the network control technology.

With our know-how as market leader in the consultancy of network control centers, we offer our customers the necessary expertise.



  • Secure supply quality under largest uninterrupted supply conditions
  • Efficient support of network control processes for predictable and downtime events by means of safe network control system
  • Prepare for challenges to be anticipated, such as electomobility
  • Application of advanced communication and network technology
  • Efficient control center staff deployment
  • Integration of different divisions and/or loctions in a network control system
  • Requirement for renewal or extension of existing control equipment
  • Positioning as service provider for other network operators in the field of network control




  • Workout concepts for sustainable and economic design of network control systems and network control centers
  • Workout operation control concepts in case of organisational merger of divisions and/or locations as well as business cooperations
  • Workout operational staff deployment concepts for network control centers and support in implementing new shift models
  • Support in call for tender process for the renewal of network control systems with preparation of bill of quantities, EC competitive bidding, offer evaluation, bidder meetings and award meeting
  • Support in project realisation during all project phases such as preparation of functional description, data migration, functional tests till acceptance