Supply networks are of special importance in a liberalized energy market. Particularly the operators of power networks are confronted with increasing new challenges: to ensure high supply quality and at the same time economical network operation and extension.

With our wide range of competency covering technical, organisational and economical issues, we offer our customers integral consultancy in all disciplines regarding the operation of transmission and distribution networks.



  • Backup of an economical network operation under consideration of a high quality of supply
  • Optimise the organisation of the operative network service (processes house connection, network construction, maintenance, fault clearance, network management)
  • Safe and efficient realisation of emergency and crisis management



  • Process analysis to optimize work sequences, organisational structures and personnel resources
  • Workout operation management concepts in case of organisational merger of divisions and/or locations and in case of business cooperations
  • Workout of operational staff deployment concepts, e.g. for network control centers, and assistance in the implementation of advanced shift models
  • Support in the implementation of emergency and crisis management
  • Workout operation and emergency manuals
  • Support in the planning, selection and introduction of IT systems for an optimized network operation (fault-clearance management, workforce management)