The success of information is essentially based on the availability in realtime and comprehensiveness, and an optimum integration in operating sequences. With the digital  age, industry 4.0 and the opportunities of advanced and efficient IT implementation, this statement becomes even more significant.

IT systems and/or  IT services shall support the information need of our customers or staff to an optimum. At the same time the relation between costs for further developments and operation and the economical benefit should make sense.



  • Realisation of the requirements to the IT support deduced from a IT strategy
  • Optimisation or extension of existing IT systems and/or IT services
  • Exchange of existing and implementation of new IT systems and/or IT services



  • For the implementation and adaptation of IT systems and/or IT services we offer during all project phases:
    • Workout business process and demand analysis
    • Workout system and implementation concepts
    • Prepare call for tender specifications and bill of quantities
    • Select software solutions and system operators including attend award meetings
    • Assist at system implementation
    • Develop service agreements including Service Level Agreement SLA for IT service
    • Realise key figure-based control systems to monitor service agreements and agreed SLA
  • Secure complete knowledge of the functional areas required in energy industry and a comprehensive market overview for the best IT systems for all market roles (sales,  BKV , BIKO, Transmission Network Operator, Distribution Network Operator, MSB, Sales, Aggregator)