The demographic change and skills shortage have an impact on the search for suitable and professional personnel. The energy and utility industry is not excluded and faced with increasing challenges in staff recruiting.

To be able to meet nowadays challenges at an optium and to find efficient solutions, available personnel shall be deployed now and in future optimally for the complex tasks in the energy and utility industry. To achieve this, defined qualification measures of the in-house personnel is of utmost importance. Parallely it is possible to procure process services for special tasks in the market.



  • Optimal staff deployment in operational and organizational structure of different business divisions
  • Timely recognition of process weakness due to lack of qualification
  • Timely refresher training and qualification of staff
  • Determination of effects in case of changes in processes
  • Selection of suitable providers for specific or manual tasks



  • Analysis of processes regarding staff deployment including evaluation of weak points
  • Verification of staff-intensive processes
  • Workout and derivation of optimization potentials
  • Identification of fields of activity for external providers
  • Develop restructurization and training concepts for single organizational and structural units
  • Determine optimum staff estimate/assessment
  • Develop requirement profiles for the deployment of external providers in defined, selected tasks
  • Workout job descriptions
  • Develop remuneration systems