The many issues nowadays to be realized in the energy and utility industry require a structurized procedure and the efficient utilization of all persons and resources  involved in the project. The realisation of the project very often excessively occupies the companies beside their everyday operative tasks. In praxis there is often a lack of clearly defined objective, determination of responsibilities and methodic knowledge to execute projects.

Successfull projects are meanwhile decisive for the strategic development of companies. Issues have to be realised quickly and efficiently and the management must be structurized according to project progress. For the success of the project the structurized work in all project phases is very important – covering the formulation of objectives, project structural planning, work package definition.

The use of clear project management rules and standards ensures clearly defined, uniform terms and approach, practice, procedure, helps to avoid faulty project work, and to complete the project successfully within allowed frame and budget.



  • Realisation of different normally exceptional and less operative tasks by the aid of standardized project management methods
  • Implementation, control and steering of project organisation and  project teams of different size
  • Description of clear project objectives and project specifications
  • Compliance and supervision of project realisation, budget utilization, achievement of objectives



  • Provide certified project managers (PMI, IPMA, ISO ISO 21500:2012, SCRU, Agile PM) to fullfill your tasks
  • Project management and project teams
  • Project controlling (project time and deadlines)
  • Budget control
  • Control project meetings
  • Record project results
  • Prepare and execute steering committees
  • Interim management, if required