The variety and the speed of the changes in energy industry due to competition and regulatory requirements is still picking up. It also increases the pressure for adaptation on the energy supply companies.

Changed regulations and laws, new players in the market, cost pressure, permanently working and information processes to be adapted and the digital transition in the energy industry in a changed environment always demand for the optimum organization of the company or single divisions.



  • Strategic investment planning in IT systems
  • Current investment and subsequent investment in IT systems
  • Optimal process costs and best practice IT operational costs
  • High demands to high system security and reliability
  • Determination of cost reduction potentials



  • Inventory and assessment of your IT systems actually in use
  • Weak point analysis and determination of cost reduction potentials
  • Execute profitability assessments for investment in IT systems
  • Develop options and decision scenarios and/or phase models for further development of your IT systems
  • Prepare decision proposals
  • For a sustainable realisation of developed scenarios:
    • Current market analysis regarding competitors and manufacturers of IT system
    • Develop market studies
    • Implementation and assistance of quality managment systems to DIN ISO 9001