The regulatory pressure is increasing and new technologies enter the energy market. The complexity of energy economical processes is very high. Together with this, the cost pressure onto the companies and the related pressure to adapt existing corporate structures is also increasing.

Parallel investment in processes and IT systems of often regionally adjoining utilities is not an optimum solution. Specially in regulated environments there are increasing considerations whether network cooperations would not better support such future challenges.



  • Reduction of specific costs in operative processes
  • Securing operational energy economical processes at increasing staff recruitment requirements
  • Securing services in the region at growing customer expectations
  • Integration new business fields with related investments
  • Securing know-how requirements to staff with increasing complexity of energy economical processes



  • Inventory/overview of your actual situation comprising organizational structure, processes, IT systems, existing staff conditions and assets
  • Comparison of results and evaluation of possible cooperation models
  • Determine cost reduction potential
  • Execute  profitability assessments
  • Develop options and decision scenarios
  • Develop decision concepts