Caucasus Transmission Network III: Short-Term Study "400/220 kV Substation Hrazdan TPP"

The assignment was part of the "Caucasian Transmission Network" project that includes measures to connect the Armenian and the Georgian power grid. It consisted of a feasibility study for the additional inclusion of the a new 400 kV substation Hrazdan into the overall project scope.

Leistungen der CONSULECTRA
  • Basic concept design and preliminary design
  • Short technical feasibility study
  • Environmental and social impact scoping
  • Short financial analysis
Technische Daten
  • 400 kV switchyard for the existing 220 kV Hrazdan TPP substation, including 400 kV feeders, bus coupler, transformer feeders 400 kV,
  • Two transformer feeders at the 220 kV switchyard, 2 power transformers, control, protection, telecommunication and measuring equipment for billing, necessary control building, auxiliary systems, lighting, etc.

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Armenia
KfW Development Bank
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