Project Implementation Support and Supervision Consultant for Rehabilitation of Haghtanak, Charencavan-3, Ashnak and Vanadzor-1 Substations

The project is part of the "Electricity Supply Reliability Project and Electricity Transmission Network Improvement Project", which aims at enhancing the country's power system operation efficiency and reliability.

  • Supervision of construction works
  • Management of EPC contracts
  • Design review, FATs, SATs
  • Monitoring of environmental and social plans
  • Commissioning and handing-over
Technical Data
  • Haghtanak SS: replacement of 220 kV outdoor switchyard, new 220/110/10 kV au-totransformers, new 110 kV outdoor switchyard, SCADA and protection, recon-struction of control building
  • Vanadzor-1 SS: partial replacement of 110 kV bays and busbars, renovation of two 110/10 kV transformers, installation of SCADA, replacement of protection system
  • Ashnak SS: complete replacement of 220 and 110 kV outdoor switchyards; new 220/110/10 kV autotransformers, SCADA and protection, new control building

High Voltage Electric Networks CJSC (HVEN)
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
2016 - 2021
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