Feasibility Study - Western Energy System

The "Western Energy System" (WES) is the transmission and distribution operator (6 - 110 kV) of the Uvs, Bayanulgii and Khovd Aimags, which imports large amounts of electricity from Russia. It suffered from high costs for imported electricity, high technical losses (about 30% at the time) and a low reliability of the technical equipment, leading to a weak economic position of the WES and a low efficiency of local businesses because of frequent power cuts. The project was a feasibility study that also elaborated the planning for a regional dispatching centre for the Western Region.


Elaboration of a feasibility study with 3 main topics

  • Regional dispatch centre: elaboration of network control and data trans-mission concepts, site selection, training needs analysis
  • Technical losses and protection: determination and analysis of priority investment opportunities, technical specifications for the required equipment, load flow modelling and variant calculation
  • Socio-economic analysis including Societal Cost Test - SCT
Technical Data
  • 110 kV transmission network with 750 km system length; 400 km of 35 kV lines 
  • 8 substations 110/35/10 kV, 13 substations 35/10 kV 
  • Requested reduction of network losses: approx. 30%

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GiZ) GmbH
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GiZ) GmbH
2012 - 2013
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