Increasing Efficiency of Energy Transmission (Modernisation of Substations)

The project contributes to the integration of the Ukrainian energy system into the ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) via the modernisation and rehabilitation of substations. Due to the political changes in Eastern Ukraine, works were implemented only in two substations.

  • Preparation of tender documents for 5 substations, assistance during tendering, bid evaluation and preparation of contract award for 2 substations
  • Support for the local TEO (techno-economic study under Ukrainian law)
  • Site supervision: design review and approval, quality control, FATs 
Technical Data
  • Replacement of 330/220/110 kV equipment and relay protection automation (RPA) devices in five 330/150/35/10 kV and 220/110 kV substations
  • Rehabilitation of the 150 and 35 kV switchyards in two substations

KfW Development Bank
2013 - 2020
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