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The comprehensive and efficient usage of information becomes increasingly important in the power industry. It is particularly important to integrate the information systems optimally into the structures of the company. This is equally valid for technical and operational IT systems.
When installing and customising IT systems, we support you throughout all project stages with

  • Business process and requirement analyses
  • System and introduction concepts
  • Creation of documentation for tenders
  • Selection of software solutions and system operators
  • Support during the system introduction

Network control systems

Strong centralization of the business management of supply grids with an optimal human resource allocation would be impossible without powerful control support. We support you with the know-how of the market leader in this area including the first concepts, creation of the specifications, invitation to and awarding of tenders as well as realization and certification of your network control system.

GIS and maintenance systems

An effective support through IT systems like geographical information systems, equipment information and maintenance systems is an indispensable requirement for efficient operation in the technical sectors. We advise you when introducing these systems, at the installation decision and project budgeting stage as well as during procurement and implementation.

Screening management

Even in light of the increasing importance of cost effectiveness, a high supply reliability remains an essential objective in business management, which can mostly be achieved through efficient screening processes in all sectors. We advise you with regard to designing these processes as well as planning and realising IT tools which efficiently support your employees for technical support, troubleshooting and analysis.

Grid utilization and energy data management

Within the scope of business processes on the liberalized power market between grid operators, suppliers and customers, special systems are required which manage the contracts and supply relationships of network customers on the one hand and on the other prepare the consumption data (time series) relevant for accounting and distribute them to the market participants concerned. We consult you on installing these systems from the concept phase, invitation to tender, awarding the tender through to certification.

Load forecast systems

Forecasts about load developments over time form a significant basis for planning in technical and commercial business areas, e.g. for network development, switch measures and power acquisitions. We support you in the selection of a load forecast system and ensure the optimal forecast procedure for your application as well as calibration of the required interfaces.

Optimization of procurement and portfolio management

The costs of power acquisitions are the central determining factor for the economic success of a power distribution. We support you in the selection of IT tools for a precise forecast of requirements, for managing the chronologically staggered procurement and where applicable supply obligations including the associated risk management.

Workforce management

The assignment of the field sales force is often still marked by suboptimal labour organization and frequent media discontinuities. We would be happy to consult you on installing a workforce management system, which provides your field sales force with direct access to your central data processing und supports the disposition, monitoring and evaluation of planned work or work due to malfunctions with respective software functions.

Management information systems (MIS)

For efficient corporate management, the management must have all decision-relevant data at its disposal at all times, whose source is a multitude of technical and operational IT systems. We support you in introducing one superordinate IT system, in which the source data are collected, suitably consolidated and prepared ready for a decision.

Regulation management systems

For the realization of the Energiewirtschaftsgesetz (German Energy Economy Act), the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) demands a number of data and reports, which can only be provided with justifiable effort through an effective IT support. On the basis of the IT landscape available at your site, we will be happy to advise you on realising the required tools.


With the ever-growing importance of IT systems, their connection to each other and the increasing usage of the Internet, aspects of IT security become more and more important. For systematic determination of the required measures, we analyse the risk potential in your company and work out an action plan (safety manual).

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