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We support our customers, building contractors and manufacturing companies by providing qualified specialists with in-depth practical experience. This can be done within the framework of a supply contract or by staff leasing. Our services include:

Project management

Adoption of project management for the client on site with regard to site management, commissioning, trial certifications and certification as well as quality control at the manufacturers/subcontractors.

Project controlling

The project management requires suitable analyses and control instruments in order to meet growing demands. When selecting and installing controlling instruments, careful considerations must be made, as errors at this point are often detected with delay and can thus put the success of an entire project at risk. For this, our services include, amongst others

  • Tracking of deadline and budget
  • Early identification of deviations from targets
  • Selection and application of suitable control measures
  • Building site documentation suitable for the project
  • Design monitoring at the manufacturer's location with regard to deadline, quality control, delivery and documentation components

Construction/site and commissioning management

For project implementation, we take responsibility for

  • Optimal planning, coordination and control of the technical, organizational and timely commissioning in cooperation with the client/GP, the suppliers, responsible construction supervisors, project management and all those involved in the project.
  • Ensuring an optimal commissioning of all components on schedule and meeting specifications as well as contractual trial runs including optimization monitoring of process engineering and effective discretionary representation of the client towards the suppliers and certification authorities.

Plant operation

A smooth and safe operating procedure increases plant availability and thus cost effectiveness. CONSULECTRA advises and supports plant owners in the field of

  • Temporary operation of power stations and waste incineration plants
  • Optimization and achieving system failures and incident analyses
  • Plant rehabilitation
  • Qualification of operating personnel
  • Maintenance (day to day maintenance)

Maintenance planning and monitoring

In order to achieve high availabilities of power plants, the optimizations of maintenance measures has a decisive role. For this reason, the coordination and control of inspections regarding technical, organizational and time aspects are an important factor for these measures. To achieve this, we take responsibility for

  • Advising how zo realise a modern maintenance strategy supported by data processing and optimization of routine maintenance
  • Inspection planning and processing, renewal of process structures
  • Monitoring of datas, assurance of quality control
  • Preparatory activities for carrying out in-process inspection, postprocessing
  • Review of the preliminary test documents and performance of construction supervision, completion and preparation of the documentation

Plant documentation, operational and emergency management manuals

In order to start up or shut down power stations or to control them in case of failures, operating manuals, documentations and instructions of various kinds are required for the operating personnel as a guideline or specification respectively. This includes amongst others user-oriented operating, troubleshooting as well as commissioning manuals, operational documentation, maintenance manuals (day to day maintenance), error message manuals, project standards, quality control documents, plant documentation and commissioning documentation. The manuals created by us form the documented basis which can be certified in order to optimally meet this demand and efficiently prevent the risk of organizational negligence.

Staff training

In respect of resources becoming ever tighter in power plant operation, the qualification of employees becomes increasingly important. For this reason, we develop tailor-made training programs for the operating personnel for safe operation of a power plant with regard to the intended and proper plant operation. At the same time, an improvement of the system availability is achieved. Courses and seminars are carried out if requested at the customer's premises or in our seminar rooms.

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